1. Inside Social Wavelength’s Social Media Command Centre: Mihir Karkare and Anand Mishra talk about the work by Social Wavelength’s Social Media Command Centre which involves brand monitoring to intelligence building.

2. Inside The Kingfisher “Good Times” Stories On Instagram: Samar Singh Sheikhawat shares how the Kingfisher Instagram account is telling ‘Good Times’ stories of real world events & experiences.

3. 5 Best Real Life Stories That Brought Alive The Brand Message: A list of five digital campaigns where the brand used real life stories to bring alive its message.

4. How #ULStory Video Strategy Is Driving Urban Ladder’s Vision To Make A Million Beautiful Homes: Manu Prasad, Director - Brand Marketing at Urban Ladder talks about #ULStory, the online furniture brand’s video series showcasing stories of happy customers.

5. Nissan India Says Twitter Influencers Helped In the Success Of #PowerOfStyle, But That’s Not True: To promote #PowerOfStyle on Twitter, Nissan India tied up with social media influencers who are nothing more than Twitter contests players. Does a tie up like this add value to a brand?

6. Grant’s Hunts For India Brand Ambassador Via #TheAwesomeJob But You Can’t Apply For It: Grant’s India has launched #TheAwesomeJob campaign to find its India Brand Ambassador, where only friends can nominate you and help you make it through various stages and shortlists.

7. #NaamBanteHainRiskSe - Mountain Dew Inspires Youth By Roping In Real Life Heroes: Mountain Dew’s latest campaign #NaamBanteHainRiskSe has roped in Padmashri Arunima Sinha and the Ghost Ryders stunt riding group to add memorability.

8. 6 Charts That Define The Online Content Consumption Of Indians In 2014: Outbrain recently released Online Content Consumption Trends 2014 report where it compared India to markets like Singapore, Australia, the UK and the US.

9. 3 Charts That Define The Rise Of Mobile Video Consumption In India: Global Video Insights, survey by Vuclip highlights how Indians prefer to watch content in their native language with apps supporting native language discovery.

10. 6 Charts That Define The Growth In Global Native And Video Advertisement In Q1 2015: Marketplace Report, Q1 2015 released by MoPub takes a look at how mobile advertisers are investing into native and video advertising.