10 Inspiring Facebook Campaigns

A collection of 10 Inspiring Indian Facebook Campaigns

indian facebook campaign

It’s nearly mid year. In the last five months, social media has evolved globally and India has shown some massive growth specially on Facebook. With India ranking third in total number of users using Facebook, brands have been bullish about the network too. Over the last five months, we reviewed quite a number of interesting campaigns but we also had to label some of them with a Facebook fail. So we thought that this would be a great time to list the most interesting ones that were not only creative, followed guidelines, not a cheap ‘like’ campaign but also were fun to review.

1. ‘Give Them Wings’ Expedia:

Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company made a resolution in January. It planned to fly 100 street and working kids from the Butterflies NGO on a fun-filled 3 days holiday to Mumbai. And in return Expedia wanted its fans to be a part of its resolution by joining the Facebook community and spread the initiative.“Give Them Wings” was a simple campaign of spreading joy among kids without asking much from fans. To read more why it was cool, click here.

Give Them Wings

2. Knorr Sabse Bada Soup-a-Star:

FMCG major HUL launched the Facebook campaign to promote its new product, Knorr Cup a Soup. The contests had a grand prize of being featured as a ‘Soup-a-Star’ on CNBC along with iPod Shuffle and all you had to do was share a story in which you have been caught between two seniors at work or simply been in a sticky situation like being in a soup! The campaign not only took a brilliant idea from every day life, the Facebook app was quite appealing too. Check out the complete story here.

Soup-a-Star Facebook contest

3. Tata Nano Holi campaign:

Tata Nano was engaging with its fans effectively on Facebook when it introduced its new model around the beginning of 2012. It created an engaging Holi app called Rang Barse which brought the offline Holi excitement on the walls of fans and their friends. During the time it was running another initiative called “Nano Diaries” which features touching stories of the proud owners of Tata Nano. Indeed it was a campaign worth having a look, if you  have still not read it then click here.

Tata Nano diaries Story of the month contest
Tata Nano diaries Story of the month contest

4. Bru Exotica greatest coffee lover campaign:

Bru, the popular coffee company had started a challenge on Facebook called ‘India’s Greatest Coffee Lover’.  All you had to do is answer a few questions and the one true coffee devotee will win the trip and the less lucky ones stand a chance to win exclusive Bru Exotica hampers and Bru World Café merchandise every week. Bru Exotica not only had an interesting contest aligned to it’s objective but also kept fans glued on the Facebook page for longer duration. I guess coffee lovers like me had fun being part of it and if you have missed out then click here.

Bru Exotica Greatest Coffee Lover Facebook contest

5. Canon India ‘What Makes Us Click’:

Canon smartly introduced it’s TVC and the contest it designed was around the TVC. A smartly executed contest with a design keeping the cheerful mood of ‘What makes us click’. Every little detail was in sync with the overall app. In short, the fans were provided with a great user experience! A must read for agencies to understand how to build an awesome yet simple campaign.

Canon India ‘What makes us click’ FB app

6. Van Heusen’s VDot Hotstepper campaign:

With VDot, the premium clubwear brand of Van Heusen and John Abraham as the brand ambassador, the concept was a winner. It not only encouraged its fans to check out the 2012 Spring Summer  Collection but also gets you to buy them and in return you could party with The Bollywood sensation John Abraham. A smart move, wherein you build a community of fans that are interested in what you produce, and not just joining your community for that freebie in some contest. One of my favourite Facebook campaigns of the year till now. Do check here to know more.

V Dot Hotstepper 2.0 Facebook contest

7. Garnier ‘Bust Blackheads’ campaign:

Any brand that utilizes storytelling in its communication strategy is bound to create a difference and Garnier did the same. ‘Bust blackheads’ campaign is an interactive story campaign starring blackheads as characters with names and personalities and who live on your face. The characters have been introduced one by one with teasers  for each and what’s more is that each character has a Facebook page of its own! A sure shot winner and read on more to know what else they did.

8. Hennessy Artistry India talent quest campaign:

Hennessy Artistry invited fans to submit a video of your musical performance and the winner would get a chance to perform at the Blues Passion Festival in Cognac, France. Now this was interesting with the global opportunity to lovers of music. The Facebook app was designed well and is well-aligned with its objective. Calls for a look when the objective is to look for talent via Facebook.

hennessy artistry india facebook contest

9. Ford India “I Pledge To Drive Safe” campaign:

“I Pledge To Drive Safe” is a safe driving Facebook campaign that has been initiated for it’s fans. Even if the incentives are not that great, fans would love to take pride in sharing amongst their community as they are supporting a motion. A simple but an effective way of engaging fans beyond the common mentality of free gifts and discounts. Do click here to know more about the campaign.

I Pledge to drive safe Facebook App

10. Pears First Masoom Moments campaign:

Pears, the glycerine soap from Hindustan Unilever, with its ‘First Masoom Moments’ contest on Facebook tried capturing the emotion of flaunting beautiful snaps and what better place than Facebook. The contest invited you to share your baby’s first moments and that could win you gift hampers from the brand. Indeed it was an adorable one especially for parents and if you have not seen it yet, then do check out here.

First Masoom Moments

We hope that you find our list interesting and do let us know which is your favourite one and why. However, do keep in mind that we are not ranking campaigns here and if we have missed out some interesting ones then do share them in the comments.

P.S. If you are a brand or an agency and have an interesting campaign that you would love to share with us then either share it in the comments or email us at connect[@]lighthouseinsights[.]in