10 Historic Images That Capture Moments Of The #Mangalyaan Success

A list of 10 historic images on the successful ISRO Mars orbiter mission MOM

By now you must be aware that India’s mission to Mars has been successful. Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) most ambitious mission till date, the Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission probe) entered the red planet early morning today (IST timing) bringing all round cheer in the country. (Read: 100 Days Of #MarsMission In 15 Tweets)

Social media has been buzzing since morning with India’s maiden feat of having entered the Mars orbit. While the politicians, international community and celebrities have lined up with tweets congratulating ISRO and Indian scientists, Twitter has also given space for the funny ones too. (Read: These Are The Most Hilarious #Mangalyaan Tweets You Will Read Today)

24th September, 2014 is going down in history books because India not only made it to Mars in its first ever attempt but also made it in the cheapest budget ($74M). In doing so India now joins US, the European Space Agency and the former Soviet Union in the elite club of Martian explorers. China and Japan have failed.

To help you relive the moment, we have curated some of the special moments of the day captured in pictures sourced from social networks.

1. MOM successfully enters Martian orbit.

MOM Mars
Source: Facebook

2. Fingers crossed, anxious moment in ISRO.

ISRO anxoious moments
Source: Facebook

3. Guided by the seniors, executed by the youth.

ISRO young scientists
Source: Facebook

4. Good luck wishes from the NASA JPL family.

Source: Facebook

5. PM Narendra Modi at the ISRO headquarters for the much needed support.

Modi and ISRO scientists
Source: Facebook

6. Watching the progress and witnessing history being created

Modi and IndiaAtMars
Source: Facebook

7. And we made it in the first attempt, celebrations time in ISRO.

IndiaatMars success
Source: Facebook

8. The women scientists behind the success.

ISRO women scientists
Source: Facebook

9. The celebration of MOM success continues.

IndiaatMarsSuccess 2
Source: Facebook

10. A pat on the back – PM and ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan

ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan
Source: Facebook

11. And how can we miss this awesomeness that happened on Twitter today.

Source: Twitter

Congrats ISRO and MOM for creating history and making India proud!