1. Plus-size brand Lane Bryant takes a swipe at Victoria’s Secret: Lane Bryant has a new lingerie line, but that doesn’t mean it is taking after Victoria’s Secret. Proof: campaign’s hashtag, #ImNoAngel. On Monday, the hashtag generated more than 7,000 tweets, 36 percent of which were supportive. While some on Twitter don’t think body empowerment should take sides based on size, Lane Bryant has been clear: The target is VS’s unrealistic idea of perfection, not thin women.

2. Dove’s Latest Film Makes Women Choose If They Are ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Average': In the new spot, Dove asks women all over the world to walk through doorways labeled “Beautiful” and “Average.” Throughout the three-minute short film, women who originally choose the “Average” label lament doing so—and eventually decide they should have chosen “Beautiful.”

3. How SoulCycle’s instructors spin a smart social strategy: SoulCycle’s successful brand has a lot to do with its instructors. Each instructor is “encouraged” to be on social media, tweet and Facebook and Instagram actively. Many riders are active friends with their instructors, too, and see them as role models and personal friends. That creates a digital community that keeps SoulCycle’s brand strong.

4. Mountain Dew Turns Tweets Into Online Ads With the Return of Baja Blast: Mountain Dew recently announced it is bringing back Baja Blast, a tropical flavored drink, for a limited time. The soda brand is also launching Sangrita Blast, a citrus version of the drink. And to tease the launch, it’s turning a cryptic social media campaign called Rogue Wave into paid media.

5. This Ad Campaign Starts With Cool Cinemagraphs on Instagram, Then Follows Up on Facebook: Stuart Weitzman, the fashion brand, is one of the first marketers to buy video ads on Instagram, and then send product posts on Facebook to a custom audience of people who viewed the ad.

It’s an aggressive tactic that incorporates some of the most advanced new ad products from the two social media platforms. Stuart Weitzman also is using cinemagraphs—a mix of still imagery and video that Facebook is encouraging marketers to embrace—for the creative.

6. Hellmann’s responds to Facebook post with £15m campaign: Hellmann’s is launching a campaign in response to a Facebook comment from a fan who described the mayonnaise as “one of the greatest things ever created”. With a global media spend of £15m, the campaign is Hellmann’s biggest investment in over decade and marks the start of an ongoing strategy to create a unified global voice for the brand.

7. Clarks rolls out Whatsapp campaign in bid to align brand with ‘subculture': The brand is using WhatsApp to “bring to life” the history of its Desert boot in a campaign called ‘From Rats to Rudeboys’. It will tell the story of the boot’s design through three characters from “subculture movements” who incorporated the shoe into their style. Fans can add the three individual characters on Whatsapp to receive updates from them.

8. Chase Promotes Digital Products With Major ‘Masters’ Campaign: JPMorgan Chase & Co. is kicking off one of its largest campaigns for its consumer banking business this week in an effort to reach the growing number of consumers who bank digitally. Called “Masters,” the push aims to show how Chase’s digital banking products — like mobile banking, ATM check deposits and online bill pay — make life easier, so customers can spend more time pursuing their passions.

9. Chevrolet, Isobar’s ‘CoDriver’ challenges the auto retail experience: Chevrolet has partnered with Isobar to create ‘CoDriver’, a virtual reality platform that rethinks the traditional automotive retail experience. CoDriver combines a range of immersive technology, where passengers take a seat in a specially fitted vehicle and are transported to a real life environment to experience the vehicle’s capabilities in unprecedented detail.

10. Campaign Wants to Close Gender Gap on Currency: Founders Barbara Ortiz Howard and Susan Ades Stone launched the campaign website on Valentine’s Day, highlighting a potential nominee each day until March 1 when the site’s visitors were prompted to vote for their top three picks to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. On Monday, the site whittled the nominees down to the four finalists—Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and Wilma Mankiller—and a second vote will take place. The site has garnered nearly 256,000 votes so far and even motivated celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Padma Lakshmi to lend their name to the cause.