1. Harvey Nichols Love Freebies:Harvey Nichols is unveiling a campaign to promote its new loyalty app which rewards customers with complimentary services and exclusive perks with every point spent instore or online. The ‘Shoplifters’ campaign launches with an online film, which uses CCTV footage from its stores of real shoplifters getting caught in the act. All elements of the campaign carry the endline, ‘Love Freebies? Get them legally. The new Rewards App from Harvey Nichols’.

2. You Will Embarrass Yourself Interacting With VW’s Latest Digital Campaign: The campaign leverages“Deep Learning” artificial intelligence, which analyzes vocal pitches to let users create a customized film of a Golf R that drives, drifts and brakes in concert with their voice. Of course, users will have to pull a Michael Winslow and amp up the sound effects n order to get the best outcome — a video that shows both the car and the user in “high performance mode.”

3. How brands are using Instagram ads:So far there have been 500 campaigns in total globally and Instagram states that 97% of those campaigns have generated a significant uplift in brand recall, 2.7 times higher than the Nielsen control group. Listed here are four brands that are using ads on Instagram.

4. Twitter and Zoopla data used to create ‘interactive map of happiness’ in London:Picking an area to live does not have to be as binary as its distance to the tube station or postcode if you have an interactive map of London that uses Twitter and Zoopla data to help show the mood of the location. The “Happy Forecast”, developed by creative agency Clubhouse Studios, uses bright motifs such as fruit trees and clear blue skies to depict positive areas, whilst the gloomier postcodes use lighting clouds, sparse trees and dark skies.The initiative’s methodology is underpinned by a year-long observational study of social interactions in public spaces.

5. How 98-year-old Forbes Media generates 70% of its revenues from digital:Five years ago, Forbes Media’s total traffic amounted to 18 million visitors a month. Now it gets close to 18 million mobile-only visitors, and roughly 70 percent of its traffic is now mobile. Mark Howard, chief revenue officer of Forbes Media, talked about making that growth happen with Matt Marshall, chief executive of VentureBeat, at our MobileBeat conference today.

6. The Brand That Scored the Most Digital Attention at Wimbledon Wasn’t Even a Sponsor:The drink was so popular that Pimm’s was the No. 1 brand associatedwith this year’s tournament across social media and other digital channels, according to data from Amobee Brand Intelligence. Pimm’s, which was not an official sponsor for the tournament, managed all the attention without ever mentioning the word Wimbledon.

7. Pluto’s not just a dwarf planet, it’s now a meme:NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft captured new, high-quality photos of Pluto, which were revealed on Tuesday. The pictures excited every space geek on the planet. Even legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking weighed in on the issue, congratulating the team on its accomplishment. Of course, the online community quickly took the best photograph, dropped it into Photoshop and morphed it into a collection of memes that will be circulating the Internet for years to come.

8. ‘Social Humanity’ Drives Viral Coca-Cola #NoLabels Video:Social humanity is being credited for the viral nature of a Ramadan Coca-Cola video, which has generated more than 12 million views since its release in the Middle East in early July. Content focused on a better, more accepting world is the driving force behind the viral success of a Coca-Cola video released in the Middle East for Ramadan, experts say.

9. EE brings football-mad YouTubers together in ‘the Wembley Cup’ web series: EE has launched a web series called the ‘the Wembley Cup’documenting the hardships faced by 28 football-obsessed YouTube personalities on their path to the final. The mobile carrier enlisted POKE to bring together content creators in a 10 part series documenting YouTuber Spencer FC training a team to face MiniMinter and his crew.

10. National Geographic’s picturesque journey to Instagram juggernaut:While the biggest Instagram accounts belong to celebrities, one of the biggest publishers on the platform, National Geographic, has shown that a traditional publisher can play that game, too.