10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global marketing campaigns - Lego is getting a father figure, Pepsi’s turn to execute a big, fun packaging idea—with a “PepsiMoji” campaign, StreetEasy is pulling a ‘sexist’ ad, and more

1. Samsung Unpacking 1988 to 2016: Samsung’s release of the new Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Gear 360 is being promoted with a commercial covering the unpacking of new models, from the release of the SH-100 mobile phone in 1988 to the first wristwatch phone, the world’s smallest TV phone to Samsung’s first MP3 phone.

2. New York magazine gets serious about video, especially on Facebook: New York Media, which owns New York magazine as well as websites Vulture, The Cut, Grub Street and Science of Us, plans to produce a lot more video going forward — with a focus on distributing the content on social platforms.

3. Scrubs Star ‘Diagnoses’ Fans’ Hunger and ‘Prescribes’ Snickers’ New Candy Bar: Snickers is prescribing “cures” for hunger with the help of one of the most famous TV doctors of the early 2000s, Scrubs star Donald Faison. Faison appeared at Snickers’ “Crisper Clinic,” a pop-up event at The Grove in L.A. on Tuesday, to support the launch of the new Snickers Crisper candy bar. Visitors could provide selfies for a “hunger diagnosis” by Faison, who “treated” each of them with a free Snickers Crisper.

4. Lego rolls out a bearded, stay-at-home dad figurine: Lego is getting a father figure. The toy company is rolling out a stay-at-home dad figurine — complete with jeans, a red plaid shirt and a scruffy beard — as it continues to create characters that “mirror the world we live in today.” To ensure that the dad isn’t confused for just a blogger from Brooklyn, Lego is pairing it with a working mom wearing a Hillary Clinton-esque pantsuit.

5. Game of Thrones Winter is Trumping: Australian film editor Huw Parkinson has produced a mash-up video, “Game of Thrones: Winter is Trumping”, blending Donald Trump’s quotes into scenes from the HBO series Game of Thrones. Produced for ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) politics show Insiders, the film shows Donald Trump, with his Valerian steel sword Deal Maker, integrated into a range of Game of Thrones characters.

6. Faced with Twitter outrage, StreetEasy is pulling a ‘sexist’ ad: Last week, the real estate portal rolled out a new campaign called “Find Your Formula” campaign in New York City that parodies the compromises people make in order to find a semi-decent place. The ads consist of jokingly drawn stereotypes of the city’s neighborhoods, like rats and roaches in the East Village or toxic waste in Brooklyn’s Gowanus area.

7. Cordaid Small Change Big Difference Revisited: Eight years ago, Cordaid People in Need, the Cordaid brand that helps provide emergency aid, launched a campaign called “Small Change, Big Difference”. The Dutch campaign won advertising awards and attained viral status.

8. With a new campaign aimed at millennials, Clarins is finally going big on digital: Barring the occasional banner ad or digital takeover, skincare brand Clarins has been conspicuously absent on digital. But with a campaign tailored around a new range of creams targeting older millennials, that’s changing.

9. Why a Mainstream Fashion Advertiser Like Diesel Decided to Go Big on Pornhub: Fashion brand bought prominent placement on the site from January through Valentine’s Day—and it’s likely that more mainstream brands will follow suit.

10. Pepsi Is About to Unleash Emojis on Its Bottles and Cans Globally This Summer: Coca-Cola famously did its names on bottles. Now, it’s Pepsi’s turn to execute a big, fun packaging idea—with a “PepsiMoji” campaign set to launch in 100 markets around the world this summer, featuring emojis on bottles and cans.