10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best global campaigns of the week - Microsoft Super Bowl 2016, Snapchat first app install ad, Heinz Wiener Stampede

1. Snapchat Runs Its First App-Install Ad, and It’s for Mobile Game Cookie Jam: Today, a short video ad promoting SGN’s mobile game Cookie Jam is running within iHeartRadio’s Discover channel—the app’s hub of daily content from publishers. The promo is a shorter version of a 30-second commercial Cookie Jam created in September with actor Ken Jeong, who plays a giant cookie.

2. Esurance Will Give Away $1 Million to Tweeters During And After Super Bowl: Esurance knows consumers like football, and it’s hoping they’ll like a figurative football made out of cash even better. As part of a sweepstakes giveaway campaign, the San Francisco-based insurer will air a 30-second commercial about 10 minutes before kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. The initiative follows similar efforts of cost-effective game-related marketing in previous years from the Allstate-owned brand.

3. Teleflora Will Be Your Love-Note Coach This Valentine’s Day: Teleflora is here to help you master the lost art of letter writing. From now through Feb. 12, the flower delivery brand is offering the Love Note Concierge, a service through which call center representatives will help you craft the perfect sentiment to attach to your bouquet, free of charge.

4. Heinz Wiener Stampede: Heinz has launched “Wiener Stampede”, a commercial featuring dachshunds released in anticipation of the 2016 Super Bowl game.

5. How Butterfinger’s Super Bowl Campaign Is Perfecting the Art of Facebook Autoplay Videos: Super Bowl advertiser Butterfinger is working with Facebook’s creative team to make short, clicky videos as part of its “Bolder than Bold” campaign from 360i. Unlike the string of Super Bowl advertisers rolling out their final spots before the game, Butterfinger is keeping its creative under wraps until Sunday and is instead teasing bits of creative through social media.

6. Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby Super Bowl Spot Is as Odd as It Is Addictive: The 30-second spot, from BBDO in New York, will air during the first quarter of the Big Game. This is the first time since 2000 that the PepsiCo brand has had an in-game spot.

7. MTV Hijacks Ads to Raise Awareness for Sexual Assault: MTV is “hijacking” some of the most commonly seen ads to raise awareness of sexual assault. At first glance, each ad resembles familiar fashion, collegiate, consumer products and hotline ads. But upon closer look, they actually include provocative commentary on how modern culture often ignores and dismisses rape and sexual assault crimes.

8. Instagram debuts first-ever scripted series, to be broadcast daily in 28 episodes: Instagram is hoping users will follow its first attempt at creating an original series for its platform. Shield 5 is a 28-part thriller that will be broadcast daily during the month of February on its very own Instagram page.

9. Watch how Microsoft plans to change the Super Bowl with HoloLens and augmented reality: The Windows company released a promotional video today that reveals its vision for how the HoloLens AR head-mounted display might expand the way people enjoy content like professional football.

10. Acura NSX What He Said: Honda has released “What He Said”, a 30 second Super Bowl commercial featuring the new Acura NSX, set to Van Halen 1978 hit “Runnin’ With The Devil”. The all new 2017 Acura NSX is revealed in red, white and blue, a reference to the US manufacture of the two seater. Viewers are invited to see how NSX innovations run through every car made at nsx.acura.com, and create their own NSX starting on February 25.