10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Weeks best global digital marketing campaigns that include Honda Ignition, Adidas Messi, #NotJustAnyAgaves Social Campaign, Deloitte’s $1.5 billion ad agency

Think New Volkswagon

1. Honda Ignition for Space: The Honda Ignition film features a cameo appearance from McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button, along with a voice recording of the late Formula 1 icon Ayrton Senna. The campaign includes a poster, print, and an online portal, honda.co.uk, introducing viewers to the technological advances and vehicles featured in the film: Asimo robot, the Moto GP racing bike, HR-V SUV, Civic Type R, NSX sports car, Honda Jet and Formula One.

2. Inside Deloitte’s $1.5 billion ad agency: A few years ago, a chief marketing officer at a big brand showed Mike Brinker a diagram that depicted all the different marketing partners he worked with. There were creative people, supply-chain and logistics people, a consulting company (or two). In all, there were 75 different spokes and wheels. “It was crazy,” said Brinker. It was the opportunity to simplify that process that drove Brinker, a principal at Deloitte Consulting, to found Deloitte Digital, an agency within the consulting behemoth four years ago. Last year, with the ability to provide everything from strategy to logistics to tax help to agency services, Deloitte Digital did $1.5 billion in revenue.

3. How to sell perfume online to fickle millennials: A koan for the digital age: How does one market fragrance to digital natives in a space where there is no smell? Scentbird, a Birchbox-like subscription service for fragrances is looking to meet the millennial needs for authenticity, quality, variety and experiences. It helps users digitally identify their perfume palette with a quiz and then sends them a month’s supply of a designer perfume tailored to their tastes for $15.

4. Hornitos Takes Virgin Agave Skydiving In #NotJustAnyAgaves Social Campaign: Touting the importance of using 100 percent virgin, yet experienced, agaves to makes its tequila, Hornitos has launched #NotJustAnyAgaves, a social media-based campaign which encourages people to follow the adventures of its agave character across social media during the summer.

5. Norm Macdonald Is Colonel Sanders, as KFC Campaign Quickly Gets Meta: Wieden + Kennedy shook up the musty image of Col. Harland Sanders in its first work for KFC back in May, with Hammond being memorably off-kilter—both reverent and tongue-in-cheek—as the chicken chain’s founder. But now, the campaign gets even more ambitious in its oddness, and stakes much more meta territory, by replacing Hammond with Norm Macdonald, who claims in four new ads that Hammond was an imposter.

6. Fans Win in This Dunkin’ Donuts Contest When MLB Teams Score a Lot of Runs: Fans can step up to the plate for a chance to win prizes every Tuesday during Major League Baseball’s regular season thanks to an online contest developed by Hill Holliday for Dunkin’ Donuts.

7. Volkswagen Think New: Volkswagen has launched “Think New”, a new multi-stage advertising campaign focused on innovation. The “Think New” campaign underlines the innovative strength of the brand Volkswagen, focusing on innovations that will make life on all customers. The “Think” theme follows on from the successes of the “Think Small” campaign for the Beetle launched in 1959 and “Think Blue” ecological campaign.

8. Mountain Dew’s latest VR stunt features Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Mountain Dew has created a virtual reality experience for Nascar fans featuring professional racecar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. that gives viewers the chance to see what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. This is the soda brand’s third time leveraging virtual reality technology to try and appeal to consumers as it attempts to position itself as a ‘digital instigator.’

9. Adidas Wants Young Athletes to Stop Obsessing Over Leo Messi and Other Sports Stars: Kill your idols, as they say. Or, at least stop worshipping them so much. That’s what Adidas’ new inspirational 60-second spot from 72andSunny is about, though it’d be easy to get caught up in the ad’s focus on soccer star Lionel Messi.

10. Microsoft “Embeds” 25 Online Influencers Into Epic #DoAnything YouTube Career Advice Video: Microsoft Surface teamed with 25 top UK bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers to create a video full of career options for viewers. The campaign is timed to appear as students in much of the UK receive the results of their GCSE exams, which often have a key role in determining their education and career paths.