10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best global campaigns of the week - P&G Thank you Mom Rio 2016, Evian Baby Bay, IKEA Wonderful Everyday Life, UK Tails.com has launched “Feed Different”, and more

1. Pepsi Embraces the 5-Second Spot, Making 100 of Them for TV and Digital This Summer: Agencies Motive and Quietman developed the creative, while Quietman produced all the spots. They show brief, charming, cartoon vignettes of Pepsi bottles doing summery things like skydiving, sunbathing, eating ice cream and more. The visual style is similar to the short spots Pepsi ran for its emoji bottles in Canada last summer. The hashtag, #sayitwithpepsi, also carries over from that earlier work.

2. P&G Thank you Mom Rio 2016: Procter & Gamble is marking Mothers Day and the build up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, with “Strong”, a new element in the “Thank you, Mom” campaign. Children are supported by their mothers through stressful events, including an approaching tornado, a car crash, a stalled elevator, aerial turbulence, and bullying.

3. Audi Captain America Civil War Chase: Audi is running “The Chase”, a teaser and tie-in for the May 6 release of the Marvel Entertainment feature film Captain America: Civil War. A normal everyday family on a seemingly ordinary drive find themselves immersed in the Marvel cinematic universe. The foursome is thrust into a high-speed, high-risk chase with Captain America, Black Panther, The Winter Soldier and a fleet of 2017 Audi SQ7 police cars.

4. GoDaddy Gives a Fake Cheese Artist His Own Twitter Account to Trash Talk With Shaq: Today, the web-domain company and its new creative agency, TBWA New York, are launching a digital and TV campaign called “Heads of Cheese.” The story follows Fred, an artist who runs HeadsOfCheese.com and loves to create sculptures—specifically of Shaquille O’Neal.

5. Unilever’s Knorr links flavour and love in campaign to target foodie millennials: Knorr brand has launched a global campaign to tap in to the millennial appetite for sharing recipes on social media and learning cooking tips from bloggers and vloggers. The film, which marks a new direction from the Unilever-owned brand, pairs 14 single people based on their flavour preferences to see if a shared passion for certain tastes would ignite chemistry between the two.

6. HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is planting fake news stories in Google search results: “Silicon Valley” is a scripted HBO comedy that so brilliantly satirizes the real-life tech industry it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a joke. Now it’s blurring the lines between fact and fiction online as well.

7. Feed Different: UK pet food company Tails.com has launched “Feed Different”, an affectionate pastiche tribute to the iconic “Think Different” commercial launched by Apple in 1997. Narrated by Sir Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter films), the film replaces human thinkers such as John Lennon, Albert Einstein and Pabloc Picasso with twenty canine characters. As with the Apple commercial, footage has been provided with film grain for artistic effect.

8. IKEA Wonderful Everyday Life: IKEA UK is running “Wonderful Everyday Life”, an integrated advertising campaign posing the question: “What if the little things are really the big things?”. The IKEA Wonderful Everyday Life campaign, online at ikea.co.uk/wonderfuleveryday, began with hundreds of secrets to a wonderful everyday submitted by IKEA staff.

9. Evian Baby Bay: French bottled water brand evian has launched a new advertising campaign in the Live Young series, bringing back the babies to make their mark on the surfing scene. “Evian Baby Bay”, the commercial at the heart of the campaign, shows a surfer (Robin Clive) being out-surfed and out-classed by six months old surfers.

10. ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ launches first-ever Snapchat campaign ahead of season premiere: With the 12th season of E!’s flagship show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, set to return on May 1 the network is turning to Snapchat to build buzz. Starting today, 10 custom geo-filters will be available to fans in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas, and special geo-filters will also be available in secret locations where only superfans will know to find them.