10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global digital campaigns of the week - Nikon "Show Your Love Some Love", Visa Heart of the Olympian, KLM using Facebook Messenger, Guardian’s “Own The Weekend”, and more

1. Change Their Fate: Wildlife Reserves Singapore is running “Change Their Fate”, an outdoor and digital advertising campaign raising awareness of illegal wildlife trade. Bus stops across Singapore were fitted out with digital screens of the Yellow-Crested Cockatoo and the Sunda Pangolin crushed against the screen and struggling feebly for freedom.

2. Singaporeans challenged to confront wildlife trafficking in interactive mobile story: A campaign by Wildlife Reserves Singapore uses mobile technology, such as the gyrometer and accelerometer, to tell an interactive story of the plight of animals trafficked for the sale of luxury items.

3. If Carlsberg did Chocolate Bars: Carlsberg in the lead up to Easter created a pop-up bar in London made entirely from chocolate. “If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars” appeared as a giant bar of chocolate affixed to the wall of the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch on Wednesday March 23.

4. The Guardian Own The Weekend: The Guardian’s “Own The Weekend” campaign, launched in 2015, has won recognition at the British Arrows, winning The John Webster Award for best 30 second TV commercial for “Fun Run”. The campaign also includes “Roast” and “Kid’s Party”.

5. NZTA Drive Phone Free: NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) is running “Drive Phone Free”, a commercial encouraging drivers and passengers to question the use of mobile phones when behind the wheel. At the heart of the NZTA Drive Phone Free campaign is a commercial, “Hello”, in which passengers place their hands over the driver’s mobile phone when he or she is tempted to check messages or answer calls, a simple and non-verbal request for the driver to put their passenger’s safety first.

6. KLM using Facebook Messenger as social portal for boarding passes, customer service:Facebook Messenger can now help you book rides through Uber and complete day-to-day tasks through its personal assistant, M. So what’s the next step? Helping you avoid air travel stress, thanks to a new partnership between Facebook and KLM.

7. NBC’s Today to engage fans with new Facebook Live Video booth, Instagram Mini Room: Fans of NBC’s Today can now look forward to unscripted moments with both its hosts and guests. The NBC talk show unveiled its new Facebook Live Video booth today, along with its Instagram Mini Room, reports Variety.

8. Finish Powerball versus Life: Reckitt Benckiser is running “Powerball versus Life”, a set of television commercials promoting the Finish dishwashing brand. “Heartbreak” and “Ageing” follow on from the success of the 2015 campaign “Dishes” and “Glasses”.

9. Visa Heart of the Olympian: Visa Europe is running “Heart of the Olympian”, an advertising campaign designed to drive awareness of Visa’s sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games. The film at the heart of the Visa Heart of the Olympian campaign follows an athlete preparing to compete and depicts the journey he goes through in the build up to the ultimate moment; the competition.

10. In a social world, Nikon asks, do you ‘like’ or ‘love’ your photos: If you like something on social media, are you doing it with thought or is it habit? That’s the question Nikon is posing in a big national advertising campaign (you’ve probably already seen it on TV) that asks viewers if they merely like something, or love it? The “Show Your Love Some Love” campaign is not just about selling Nikon cameras (although it’s mainly about that), but also a social commentary on how people today shoot photos (i.e., with their phones and sharing on social media), and how we can do better when photographing things we are really passionate about.