1. Vangardist Cover Infused with HIV-Positive Blood: Vangardist magazine, a leading German men’s monthly, has invited its readers to take a hands-on approach to end the social stigma surrounding HIVby printing a special edition using ink infused with HIV-positive blood.

The Facebook page, www.facebook.com/hivheroes aims to be one of the most widely visited and ‘liked’ HIV related pages on Facebook, demonstrating to the world a community of people for whom the HIV virus carries no social stigma exists.

2. Audi Rick Rolls Those Expecting #WomenDrivers Meme Hilarity: Audi perpetrated its trick by latching onto the already popular hashtag #WomenDrivers, which is usually populated with hundreds of derogatory women driver memes. The company gathered up some of these memes, made some of its own, attached the #WomenDrivers hashtag and linked to content celebrating how women are driving business, technology or innovation. Surprise!

3. Storage Company’s Parenting Advice Video Goes Viral: A recent video from Extra Space Storage, ingeniously tied to the brand promise, that’s entitled Parenting Advice – 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Having A Baby.

Created by Utah-based agency Issimo, new parents offer advice to parents-to-be such as “get on a schedule,” “take a break,” “take time for yourself,” “be prepared for the unexpected” and, of course, “be prepared to love something more than you ever thought you could.”

4. The new boys’ club: The retailer Instagram accounts targeting men: Asos, a U.K. e-commerce powerhouse, launched the Instagram handle @asos_menswear last week, joining Nordstrom (which runs @nordstrommen in addition to its main handle) and Bergdorf Goodman (@goodmans is its men’s store on Instagram; @bergdorfs its account for women) in the small group of retailers that have dedicated a new Instagram handle to male customers.

5. The Muppets Take The Internet In Youtube Collaborative Series:Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are coming to YouTube and they’re bringing along some new Internet friends. The Muppets Studio, the late Jim Henson’s global franchise, is collaborating with YouTube celebrities in an effort to connect with younger audiences.

6. How Microsoft scored a viral hit with #HowOldRobot:Microsoft’s latest project is a websitethat tells you how old you look just by analyzing your photos — with varied results depending upon which photo of yourself you submit. And it is blowing up your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

7. MTV and Lionsgate prep exclusive ‘Absolutely Anything’ trailer launch on Snapchat:Viacom International Media Networks and Lionsgate are set to share the world exclusive trailer premiere for upcoming movie ‘Absolutely Anything’ on MTV’s Snapchat Discover account in the UK.

8. Fruit of the Loom uses transparent pants to sell skivvies:To promote its No Ride-Up Boxer Briefs, a line of briefs that claim not to ride up the leg, the underwear brand pulled an elaborate prank: The company sent models wearing transparent, plastic pants out on the streets of New York City and LA. Underneath the models’ clear bottoms were brightly colored briefs from the new Fruit of the Loom line — and all around them were stares from passersby, left wondering if clear plastic pants were really the next fashion trend.

9. Fashionistas Had to Post 26,000 Tweets to Crack Open This Mysterious Orb: Fashionistas sent 26,000 tweets for Breakthrough,an April 15 event that proved to be (even by Internet standards) one of the more unusual marketing stunts to come along in recent years. It was also a prime example of how guerrilla marketing—head-turning events traditionally set up on the street—can find a bigger audience via social media.

Staged by the modish cosmetic brand Nars, Breakthrough aimed to generating buzz about a new color collection from Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane.

10. Want to know Iceland’s secrets? Don’t ask Google, #AskGudmundur: Iceland tourism has gone old school. The Icelandic tourist office has launched what it calls “the world’s first human search engine” in a cheeky promotional campaign that invites visitors to ask a real-life, honest-to-goodness person any travel questions they may have about the country.

Instead of ‘Googling’ their question, for instance, why not #AskGudmundur, one of the most common first names in Iceland, claimed by more than 4,000 men and women.