1. Google’s Horowitz: “No, Google Plus Is Not Dead.”: Bradley Horowitz, the Google executive responsible for the nearly four-year-old social network, gave strong support for Google+ in an interview with Steven Levy of Backchannel. And asked point-blank whether Google+ is dead, Horowitz said: “No, Google Plus is not dead. In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”

2. 10 biggest announcements at Google I/O 2015: Google’s I/O 2015 keynote wasn’t the flashiest. The company has so many products that, even with a two-and-a-half-hour run-time, some of the demonstrations felt a bit short. No particular announcement stuck out. Here are 10 highlights we think deserve your attention.

3. Google gives free unlimited photo storage to everyone, even iPhone users: Google formally announced its new standalone service, Google Photos, which would give users unlimited uploads without requiring a Google+ subscription. The service is available as a new app for Android and iOS, and on the Web, starting today.

4. Want to Party With Tinder? Swipe Right on Its Sponsored Post: The dating app is promoting a launch party in California next month for its paid Tinder Plus service with promos that pop up as users scroll through dating profiles. “Swiping right” on the ad enters people to win two plane tickets, a free Tinder Plus subscription and tickets to a party on June 17 in Santa Monica, Calif., celebrating the launch of the subscription-based plan.

5. Google Maps and YouTube will work offline for people in developing countries: Google Maps is about to get even more helpful, as the company prepares to take the navigation system offline. Google Maps won’t even require a data connection to operate. Google VP for Engineering and Product Management, Jen Fitzpatrick, revealed the news on stage during the keynote presentation at Google I/O 2015, along with a host of changes to Android, which make the OS more accessible for people using phones in developing markets.

6. Instagram Will Give Carousel Ads A Global Push: Instagram’s carousel ad unit is being rolled out internationally. The company announced today that on June 1 the feature will be made available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Brazil.

7. Twitter Launches Auto Amplify To Simplify Creation & Purchase Of Video Clip Ads: Twitter is making it easier for advertisers to tap into Amplify, its video clip focused ad product.

8. Shell launches online films to push premium fuel brand: Shell is lifting the lid on the lives of some of the world’s most exciting drivers through a series of films promoting its premium fuel Shell V-Power.