10 Best Digital Marketing Reads From Lighthouse Insights

Best of last week - #DigiSights2016 digital healthcare event coverage, HDFC Life #MemoriesForLife, Twitter GIFs and brands, Google’s new ‘Real-Time Ad’, and more

Valentine hearts

1. The Winning List Of LI Digital Campaign Awards 2015: Lighthouse Insights presents 15 digital marketing campaigns of 2015 that have excelled in parameters like creativity, innovation and results-driven. Read more here.

2. The Coolest Valentine’s Day Facebook Videos Shared By Indian Brands: Videos will never lose flavour and what better than a video to narrate your love story. Indian brands have created sweet videos for their Facebook fans this Valentine’s Day. Read more here.

3. The 20 Sweetest, Craziest, Most Awesome Valentine’s Day GIFs & Visuals: Indian brands rolled out some amazing content this Valentine’s Day; it’s gifs and creative visuals all the way to woo the always-on millennial. Read more here.

4. #DigiSights 2016 – Global Learnings And Local Insights: Stay updated on #DigiSights 2016, a digital marketing conference for Pharma & Healthcare that aims to question, challenge, unlearn and offload the hype around digital marketing. Read more here.

5. #DigiSights 2016: How Multichannel, Social Media And Technology Is Innovating Marketing In Healthcare: The second half of the #DigiSights 2016 event focused on social media marketing, technology and multi channel marketing in healthcare. Read more here.

6. How Gifs Help Brands Tell Stories One Frame At A Time: Gifs, more than still images but not as heavy as videos, provide the best of both worlds to brands who want to tell fun, adorable stories on social media. Read more here.

7. Radical Bytes By Prashant Kohli – On Deadpool, Nike, Shield 5 Instagram Series And More: Prashant Kohli, in his bimonthly column piece ‘Radical Bytes’ shares his thoughts on the clever Deadpool campaign, Nike’s ‘Better for it’ fiction web series and Shield 5’s Instagram only series. Read more here.

8. With Emojis, Twitter Will Make Hay As The Sun Shines: With emojis Twitter is trying to tap the millennials and it is good news for brands till the time emojis define the new age communication, writes Rohit Raj. Read more here.

9. Google’s New ‘Real-Time Ad’ – The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing: Real-Time ads from Google present a unique opportunity to form deeper connections with audiences during live events and are a big threat to Twitter, writes Chaaya Baradhwaaj. Read more here.

10. HDFC Life Takes The Long Ride With #MemoriesForLife: ‘Memories for Life’ not only brings alive the brand’s promise of ‘Sar utha ke jiyo’, it also helps HDFC Life become a messenger for its consumers, much like a part of their lives. Read more here.